Who are we?

Hello. We are a family of four living on our little piece of heaven in western New York. As a young, biracial family, we face many new experiences and challenges. But we are always learning how to go with the flow together.

Why are we sharing with you?

  1. Reflect on our life - Life goes by so fast, sometimes without ever really realizing it. We want to document our experiences to explore our everyday feelings, gain a new perspective,  and cherish the little moments otherwise lost.
  2. Inspire and support others - We like to find commonality in shared experiences. If we can help each other through written expression, we will get the feeling of connection that will bring us closer together. We would like to offer guidance in any aspect of life that we have experienced to support anyone looking to find new ideas.
  3. Open conversations - We want to open up and talk about various topics. With this, we will create a guide for our family to look back on as reference or let others feel that they can share too.

What is JustBumming?

JustBumming is a family motto taught to me by my grandparents. They believed that you have to live for each day, taking opportunities and challenges as they come. Stop to look at the beauty that surrounds you throughout your home, nature, the community, etc. Never stop learning new skills or passions since it could bring you untold happiness or even save you some money. It is a coincidence that my hubby and I, even our children, find the beauty of daily life as well. You never know what you will come across or who you may meet. But it always leads to a new adventure.