Best Educational Netflix Shows For Elementary

Relax and Learn. Turn on the TV and find an opportunity to engage with your child while learning. Find what intrigues their curiosity, and yours!

Why Educational Shows?

It is a great break during the day or evening to let your child relax by watching a show on TV. Make this an opportunity to create an interactive, social one-on-one time with your child by allowing them to engage in the content shared. Start a conversation with your child about what they are viewing both during and after each episode. Let them drive the conversation to see what pulls their interest and intrigues their curiosity.

What to do before watching?

  1. Create a pre-approved MY List for your child with TV shows that you think will work for your family.
  2. Let your child have some control by letting them decide which show to watch from the list.
  3. Set a limit on how many shows to watch. It is smart to have your child view educational content at the same time each day.

Educational & Fun

Ask The Storybots

Ask The StoryBots is a show about five bots who live inside computer parts named Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo. Throughout each episode, their team 341B takes on a new adventure in the human world to help children answer some big questions like, “How do eyes see?” When they find the answer, they report back to their boss with a music video to explain what they have learned.

StoryBots Super Songs

Join the StoryBots again as the characters sing their way through different educational topics. These lessons include math, science, history, emotions, and more.

The Magic School Bus: Rides Again

In this sequel, Ms. Frizzle’s little sister, Fiona, takes over her former class as they embark on many new field trips in their quest to learn. Some topics discussed are ecosystems, engineering, ocean zones, and simple machines. Your child will have fun watching this new series.

The Magic School Bus

Many of you may have watched the original series called The Magic School Bus. Valerie Frizzle takes her students on a magical school bus on many exciting field trips. They will go on these adventures to understand the wonders of science. Some topics discussed include space, anatomy, energy, and botany.  Magic School Bus creates a fun, engaging learning experience.


The Octonauts follow a crew of underwater explorers, that live in their headquarters the Octopod, as they go on many adventures meeting aquatic creatures from different habitats. They must observe specific biological or behavioral facts about each animal to help it from danger or even themselves. At the end of their mission, a creature report song ties in every fact learned through the episode.

Splash and Bubbles

A yellowback fusilier named Splash finds a new home in Reeftown, where he meets his three pals Bubbles, Dunk, and Ripple. The four pals are always making new friends in the ocean and exploring their reef home. At the end of each episode, a documentary segment called “Get Your Feet Wet” includes children asking a question they have about ocean life.

The Cat In The Hat Knows a Lot About That

Two young children, named Nick and Sally, go on adventures with Cat in the Hat in a vehicle known as the "Thinga-ma-jigger" on quests to learn the answer to questions they have. These travels lead them to make discoveries about different science and learning concepts. With this Dr. Suess character, children can experience a particular quirky sense of humor that allows for enjoyable learning.


NumberBlocks follows a group of blocks in Numberland working together to figure out what number they stand for, and the floating number above them shows how many blocks in total. When they hop on each other, they transform into a new number from the sum of the two. Children learn math skills like counting, adding, and more.


In AlphaBlocks, all 26 letters come to life as they hold hands to make their phonological sound become words. Songs and stories bring this exciting world to life. The series will help children learn to read, spell, and write while enjoying each fun adventure.

Rhyme Time Town

With this dog and cat duo, your child will follow them through different nursery rhyme adventures. Musical nursery rhymes will help your child to develop language skills like sounds and syllables. If you know them, sing along!

Julie’s Greenroom

Julie Andrews, known for her role in The Sound of Music, is joined by a cast of puppets to learn about a specific topic of the performing arts. Different guest stars appear in each episode to help teach the puppets. Topics discussed include writing, singing, acting, and costumes.


This series is a spin-off of National Geographic’s Brain Games in which children learn more about science. Different interactive science experiments will take place to explain topics like germs, dreams, and emotions. Created for preteens and teens but can be geared towards a younger audience with parent engagement.

The Who Was? Show

Based on a popular book series, this comedy show gives voices to famous historical figures. Some of their names are Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini, Queen Elizabeth, and more. If you like the TV series, don’t forget to check out some of the books (there are over 250 published titles)!


Night On Earth

This illuminating series is a documentary that uses the newest technologies to capture the world of animals as the sun goes down and night begins. Follow the lives of different species like the Japanese macaque who huddle together for warmth high in the branches or sperm whales sleeping vertically in their ocean home. But the sun always comes back again the next morning.

Our Planet

This award-winning Netflix original captures the challenges that animals face today, including global warming, deforestation, and urbanization. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough (our favorite nature voice), your child will become inspired by the wonders of nature and its animals. We can all make a difference, take the challenge to teach our children what we can do in our everyday lives that have significant impacts.

DisneyNature: Oceans

Venture under the water in this documentary to capture a closer look at the elusive creatures that inhabit its depths. Traveling through five oceans, the filmmakers take the audience to see marine species in their various habitats. With more than 70% of the earth’s surface covered in water, we must learn to understand its ecosystem and our roles within it.

DisneyNature: Growing Up Wild

Travel around the world to learn how five different animal species develop from birth. It is a struggle to survive in each habitat, but the guidance from their family helps them reach independence. There are similarities to how we raise children from avoiding danger, finding food, and overcoming obstacles.

Dream Big

An engineering documentary that engages the audience in explaining the wonder of how various inventions and structures around the world were invented. Spark the curiosity of children to solve life’s biggest challenges or become inventors of their creativity.  Dream BIG!


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