Best Math Apps For Kindergarten

The fundamentals of math are engaging and animated with educational apps. Encourage the joy of learning every day while increasing retention. Whoever thought math could be this much fun!

Why Math Apps?

This past school year, we used different apps to help support our son's Kindergarten learning through interactive and fun techniques. We have found that these educational apps helped engage our son through customization, increasing difficulty levels, and reward-based systems. Some of the apps we had previously downloaded and enjoyed, some were newly found apps that we had just started using.

Below is a list of the apps we used for math.

Most of these apps are free, but some are subscription-base or purchase-base. An excellent way to lower the cost is by being gifted with these as presents. Great not only for your child’s education but helps create a minimal lifestyle.

What do we do before clicking download?

  1. We understand our son’s learning style.
  2. We do our research on the app and the seller.
  3. We play the apps with our son to engage and reflect on activities.
  4. We try to see what supports our school’s curriculum and supplement additional learning opportunities.


Meet the NumberBlocks

Cost: Free Ages: 3-6

Introduce your child to the NumberBlocks to help them learn counting skills. Tap on the NumberBlobs to count, and then your child will watch a NumberBlock song. Songs and animated learning can lead to increased retention of the basic numbers introduced to your child.

NumberBlocks: Hide and Seek

Cost:$2.99 Ages: 3-6

Continue working with NumberBlocks to help your child learn number skills such as addition and number bonds. Find all the hidden NumberBlocks and see 20 different ways they can add up to 10. As play continues, the sums of each number sentence will gradually get harder to recognize.

ABCmouse Mastering Math

Cost: Free with ABCmouse membership Ages: 2-8

ABCmouse Mastering Math helps teach the fundamentals of math concepts and skills from preschool through 2nd grade. It has interactive learning pathways that promote the practice of repetition and variation to increase your child’s proficiency with their math skills. When you start your journey with  ABCmouse, this is one of the featured apps that your child will be able to use.

Moose Math

Cost: Free Ages: 3-7

In this app, your child can play five multi-level activities while earning rewards to build and decorate their very own city. The whimsical characters will help your child master math skills that align with common core standards for Kindergarten and 1st grade. Parents will be able to monitor progress and find additional activities to incorporate that will support similar learning concepts.

Pet Bingo

Cost: Free Ages: 5-10

Watch your child’s math skills grow in this math adventure through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This game aligns with the common core standards from Kindergarten through 4th grade. In the mixed math mode, the levels can adapt to your child’s understanding of different math concepts. Let your child have fun learning math with their very own pets!

123 Numbers - Counting and Tracing

Cost: Free Ages: 3-6

Help your child learn their numbers through counting, tracing, and more. These bright, colorful games will encourage them to love learning every day. Customize the game to your child’s needs, but this is a game intended for parents to play alongside their children.

Math Kids

Cost: Free Ages: 3-7

Math Kids was created by parents to help your child learn the basics of counting, addition, and subtraction. This app creates a beautiful foundation for a lifetime of learning and loving math. There are mini-games for younger learners than new games to help your child as they progress with their math skills. Through play, while learning, it will increase your child’s ability to recall information. Also, parents can customize learning to increase or decrease difficulty.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

Cost: $1.99 Age: 3-6

Follow our favorite monkey in this beach-themed math app. Your child will build fundamental math skills like counting, adding, subtracting, and sorting in continuous gameplay. It will automatically adjust game level challenges to each player. We give a thumbs up to THUP!


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