Best Multi-Educational Apps For Kindergarten

These are playful learning journeys that allow for the exploration of various topics. Joy in learning allows our children to become like sponges, absorbing all that excellent information.

Why Multi-Educational Apps?

This past school year, we used different apps to help support our son's Kindergarten learning through interactive and fun techniques. We have found that these educational apps helped engage our son through customization, increasing difficulty levels, and reward-based systems. Some of the apps we had previously downloaded and enjoyed, some were newly found apps that we had just started using.

Below is a list of the apps we like that cover multiple different educational topics.

Most of these apps are free, but some are subscription-base or purchase-base. An excellent way to lower the cost is by being gifted with these as presents. Great not only for your child’s education but helps create a minimal lifestyle.

What do we do before clicking download?

  1. We understand our son’s learning style.
  2. We do our research on the app and the seller.
  3. We play the apps with our son to engage and reflect on activities.
  4. We try to see what supports our school’s curriculum and supplement additional learning opportunities.

Multiple Topics

Khan Academy Kids

Cost: Free Ages: 2-7

Five whimsical characters will take your child through interactive activities, animated videos, books, games, and creative lessons. There are two different paths to follow, either an adaptive path or independent learning.  Topics discussed include early literacy, reading, writing, language, and math. It is entirely free, and your child will never see an advertisement.

Cost: 30-day Free Trial, $9.99/month or $79.99/year Ages: 2-8

ABCMouse focuses on a full standard-based curriculum that covers reading, math, art, music, and more. There are over 10,000+ individual learning activities for children beginning from toddlers through 3rd grade.  It is a 100% kid-friendly environment, and parents can monitor progress. *With a subscription, your children will have access to a variety of other ABCMouse apps that focus on singular topics.

PBS Kids Games

Cost: Free Ages 2-8

Play and learn with characters from PBS Kids with topics including science, math, reading, creativity, and more. It features games from their shows, including Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, Super Why, Odd Squad, Let’s Go Luna, and more. It is a safe, kid-friendly app that allows your child to learn through play experience. There are over 100+ educational kid’s games with more always added to the list.

FairLady Media: Mega Pack Grandpa and Grandma Adventures

Cost: $2.99 each or $11.99 for bundle Ages: 3-9

Embark on many different adventures as your child engages in fun activities while learning phonics, math, science, music, and more. Continue learning with these fun characters as your child grows and you can intermix areas of focus. It allows for excellent replay value through each of the apps. There is an option to purchase one app and then purchase the bundle at a discount later.

Physical Education

Cosmic Kids

Cost: $10 a month or $65 a year after 14-day free trial Ages: 3-9

Follow Jamie through yoga adventures and exploring mindfulness. Your child will fall in love with the stories she creates. Some adventures even include these children’s favorites like Moana, Harry Potter, Minecraft, Pokémon, Trolls, etc. Don’t forget the secret code word, Namaste.

Go Noodle

Cost: Free Ages: 4-10

Get moving with these engaging exercise videos like Zumba, yoga, dance, and mindfulness. Go Noodle promotes whole-body wellness. When your child becomes active for at least 60 minutes, it will help them destress and be ready to learn. Give it a try!


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